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Some real talk about adult acne.

image from've struggled with mostly mild but very persistent acne my whole adult life. Hormonal birth control helped for a while but the effectiveness dropped off at some point in the last year or so. I'd read a bit about Paula's Choice BHA products here and there and the concept sounds good - BHA exfoliants are able to get down into the pores and clean the gunk out to clear your skin.

I've had good luck with a BHA product like this for spot treatments but was hesitant to just put it all over. I decided to trust the reviews and the good reputation Paula's Choice has and I'm about two-thirds through my first bottle of the 2% BHA liquid.

It's very nearly a miracle for me. You HAVE to be consistent - I slacked on my skincare for about a week and my skin broke the eff out but I've gotten back on track and it's clearing up wonderfully. 

Everyone's skin is different and what works for one person might be a total flop for me and vice versa. I've never had luck with traditional acne treatments because they're targeted to oily skin and mine is on the dry side. I need something to just target the pimples without drying out my skin and this does the trick.

My absolute only complaint is that the texture of the liquid version is more like a serum and feels a bit greasy on my skin. So I might try the gel formula and see if that feels better. It's also extremely important to note that you have to wear sunscreen religously when you use a chemical exfoliant like this - it will make your skin photosensitive and you will burn.


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