October 26, 2006

moving forward

Well, I haven't posted here in a long time so I guess we can all move on, huh? I have been posting very regularly on my Vox blog, though. Registration for Vox is open now so you can join the fun, too.

The three years I wrote here were very important for me. I graduated college, went from being a reluctant adult to an actual adult, got the best job ever, moved into my own place, and overcame a lot of things that were holding me back. It wasn't always easy but I'm glad that I shared it here. I hope to share the next phase of my life on Vox.

The archives for this blog are still available, mostly for my own use but there's some good stuff in there. I may be back to this space in some capacity but who knows. Of course, I still use TypePad for the Pretty Pear and because it's part of my job! TypePad and I take good care of each other :)